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About NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations

This National Day, join NTUC in supporting the dreams and aspirations of every individual! As we stand together to nurture our next generation of leaders, let us also celebrate them for their passion, dreams, hopes and contributions to our little red dot. This year’s Bay Celebrations revolve around the theme of Celebrate SG Youth.

On our nation’s birthday, let’s aspire to foster positive change, to cheer on each other’s dreams as we pursue our own. With the strength of youth and unity, we advance further together towards a future where #EveryYouthMatters.

The Organisers

Young NTUC is the youth wing of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Since our founding in April 2005, Young NTUC has grown to over 180,000 members aged 35 years and below. Young NTUC supports youth throughout their professional and personal journey to achieve their aspirations through a multitude of initiatives such as career discovery and navigation, financial literacy, mental wellbeing support, leadership development and holistic personal development.

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Pioneering workers’ rights since 1961, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) unites 58 trade unions, seven trade associations, seven social enterprises, and other enterprise partners as we create better lives for workers here in Singapore.

Our work cuts across the different ages and stages of life as we walk the ground and respond to everyday needs. Through initiatives that protect our workers at work, transform careers, manage the cost of living, help with financial resilience and health, and nurture relationships for families, we champion every worker through every touch point as we work towards better wages, welfare, and work prospects.

Because Every Worker Matters.

Youth Organising Committee

For youth, by youth - NTUC is committed to celebrating and empowering our youth by creating inclusive opportunities that bring the nation together. 26 passionate youths volunteered to join our Youth Organising Committee. Coming from various Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and youth organisations, they have dedicated their time to play a part in the planning and organising of the NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations.

Thank You to Our Sponsors:

Major Partner:
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